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Blank Checks

100L - 2 on a page 14" Accounts Payable Blank Check

For use with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate®, Sage 100 Contractor Software® & Sage 300 Trade Specialty®. You must also have MICR software installed. Each 14" sheet contains two checks.
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115L - 14" Blank Duplicate Laser Check Stock

For creating duplicates of the 14" laser Accounts Payable Checks No.100L. Each 14" sheet contains two duplicate checks. Quantities and prices indicated are for checks not sheets.
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124L - 11" Duplicate laser blank check stock

For creating duplicates of the 11" laser checks.
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128L - Blank High Security check on bottom

This 11" sheet contains one check on the bottom position with two stubs. Checks have CopyBan Capture® patented background with a hidden VOID.
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129L - Blank Check on top-without signature line

Check in the top position without signature line. Also available with signature line No.131L. This check is 3 panels 3 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4". The blank vouchers may be used for detailed information.
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135L - Blank check in the middle

Check in the middle position without signature line.
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